Formalising Java's Data Race Free Guarantee

We formalise the data race free (DRF) guarantee provided by Java, as captured by the semi-formal Java Memory Model (JMM). and published in the Java Language Specification. The DRF guarantee says that all programs which are correctly synchronised (i.e., free of data races) can only have sequentially consistent behaviours. Such programs can be understood intuitively by programmers. Formalisation has achieved three aims. First, we made definitions and proofs precise, leading to a better understanding; our analysis found several hidden inconsistencies and missing details. Second, the formalisation lets us explore variations and investigate their impact in the proof with the aim of simplifying the model; we found that not all of the anticipated conditions in the JMM definition were actually necessary for the DRF guarantee. This allows us to suggest a quick fix to a recently discovered serious bug without invalidating the DRF guarantee. Finally, the formal definition provides a basis to test concrete examples, and opens the way for future work on JMM-aware logics for concurrent programs.
David Aspinall and Jaroslav Sevcik
Formalising Java's Data Race Free Guarantee
Theorem Proving in Higher-Order Logics, TPHOLs'07.
Springer LNCS. To appear.
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