Iain’s user scripts and Juggle Junction spam filter

I haven’t been maintaining this script. I doubt it works any more, and jugglejunction has its own spam handling now.

“User-scripts” change the behavior of websites. In particular: jugglejunction.user.js filters spam from Juggle Junction’s interface to rec.juggling. I have written other scripts too, but the instructions below assume you want the spam filter.


Firefox: Add Greasemonkey. Then click on the script: jugglejunction.user.js, and confirm that you want to use it.

Other browsers: The following page lists ways to install user-scripts for several web-browsers: wikipedia guide.

Screenshots / Demo

The script was originally written for jugglingdb.com, which has now retired. I haven’t created new screenshots for jugglejunction.org, but it uses the same software, and behaves similarly.

Here is what jugglingdb.com/news used to look like with the script:

[Screenshot with spam hidden]

Clicking any of the “Hide” checkboxes in the right-most column will make that row disappear (just for you). Clicking the “Show Hidden” link shows everything that has been hidden:

[Screenshot with spam shown and highlighted]

Most spam (shown in red) is hidden automatically. Threads that were manually hidden (for the local browser only) are shown in green. All these colored threads will be hidden again on a page refresh or on clicking “Hide Hidden”. If you don’t want a thread to be hidden in future, simply uncheck its box in the right column.

I update the spam heuristics every so often. Click the update link to get the latest version. False positives are pretty rare, but you can now unhide the threads yourself (they’ll stay red to alert you to the fact that the filter would otherwise hide them).