Juggling in Edinburgh

A list of where to juggle in Edinburgh, last updated 2019-02-24. Most of these clubs are open to all, including complete beginners. Except where noted, you will be welcome if you drop in unannounced at any time. Many people will be pre-occupied practicing, so don’t worry if you’re not noticed. Just introduce yourself to someone who seems least occupied.

This list is maintained by an individual juggler. I don’t run any of the clubs, I just wanted to make them easier to find.

If you want to get some juggling stuff of your own to practice with, there’s a juggling shop in Edinburgh: Cascade Juggling, 52 Clerk Street.

Hobby jugglers don’t necessarily perform, and I don’t. If you’re looking for a performer, please email someone else, perhaps a club organizer. If you want a job doing (performance or training), hire a professional. Professional circus performers or trainers in Edinburgh include: Analogue Acrobatics, Circus Alba, Delighters, PyroCeltica, Suspended Motion, and Voice Box Theatre. Performers are usually not wealthy, but train hard. Even if you are a charity, please don't ask them to work for free, just as you wouldn't normally expect to get security, a venue, or equipment providers for free either.

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