Ways to view DjVu files

Various free software for viewing DjVu files is available (note some platforms have more than one alternative). The web-browser plugin and standalone viewers are stable and blindingly fast.

There is a java applet for viewing files without installing an additional plugin, but this is a bit clunky and java plugins often give me problems.

I usually prefer PDF for printing and DjVu for online viewing. I recommend DjVu all the way for scanned documents, but none of my publications are.

Ways to view PDFs

PDF files are viewable in many ways. Google’s document viewer is a plugin-free way to quickly check a pdf document on the web. I have added GoogleViewer links for all of my publications. If you want, you can add a GoogleViewer icon to the end of PDFs on all websites.

Free software

Finally not a viewer, but amazingly useful, pdftk lets you split, merge and maintain PDF files in various ways.

Proprietary software