Teaching by Iain Murray

Notes on core skills: writing, speaking.

See also: Simon Peyton-Jones’s notes; The Researcher’s Bible and other How to Guides by Alan Bundy. Ali Eslami’s notes on organizing machine learning code.

Mathematics summary sheet: a check-list of background knowledge, originally for Zoubin Ghahramani’s 2003 Machine Learning course. Feel free to use and adapt: [PDF, 2up-pdf, LaTeX Source].

You may also be interested in the notes on my publications page.

Undergraduate and master’s projects.

Thanks to the generous comments of the class of 2014–15, I was awarded the 2015 Van Heyningen Award for Teaching in Science and Engineering. I was also the runner-up for this award in 2019–20.


Iain Murray’s talks and lectures on videolectures.net.

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