Recently, some extensions of Bio-PEPA have been defined in order to represent some specific features of some biochemical networks. Specifically, we have:
  • Bio-PEPA with SBML-events. This extension has been defined in order to handle events, constructs that represent changes in the system due to some trigger conditions. This allows us to represent the possible change to the system, due, for instance, to the introduction of some reagents or the interruption of some external stimuli. The language is mapped to Hybrid Automata (HA), a formalism that considers both continuous and discrete changes. For details see here.

  • Bio-PEPA with biological compartments. The language is extended with some features in order to represent more details about locations of species and reactions. Locations can represent either compartments or membranes. A hierarchy of locations is considered to represent the relation between them and the transition labels are enriched with some information about locations. Compartments have a fixed structure, but their size can depend on time. For details see here.