First International Workshop on Intelligence and Multimodality
in Multimedia Interfaces: Research and Applications

Human Communication Research Centre
EdCAAD, Dept. of Architecture

University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland
Thursday 13th - Friday 14th July 1995

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UPDATE: IMMI Publication

Preparation of the official Proceedings of IMMI-1 is now nearing completion. The proceedings are expected to be published later this year (1996) by AAAI Press, in the form of a CD-ROM with an associated Web site. Further information will appear here, or contact the address below for the latest details. A summary report on the workshop appears in The Knowledge Engineering Review, Vol. 11:1, 1996, pp. 69-72.

IMMI-1 is an International Workshop intended to promote concern with the issues of communication in multimedia. We hear much about how multimedia will transform our lives, but a good deal of the literature is restricted to issues of networking, data compression etc. The objective of IMMI-1 is to examine at a higher level how more useful ways can be found to present information, using the facilities multimedia makes available; how multimedia authoring can be given more intelligent assistance; how interaction and dialogue can be improved for users; what cognitive factors underlie effective use of multimedia; and how information can be transformed for presentation using different media in different contexts and for different purposes.


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