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Speech Technology and Human Computer Interaction Workshop

9.00am, March 27th, Informatics Forum, Edinburgh University, UK


Groupwork at the workshop will be organised across a number of themes:

  • In Car: A great example of eyes-free/hands-free environment.
  • In the Home: Use of pervasive technology integrated into our living space.
  • Emotional Systems I: Giving the machine emotion and personality.
  • Emotional Systems II: Interacting with a machine with personality.
  • Robots: Interacting a physically present machine.
  • Meetings: A great example of pervasive use of speech technology to help record and access meeting data.
  • Infrastructure: An example of ASR for mobile apps.

The themes are by no means exhaustive, but intend to offer a starting point for discussion. For each theme we have a short video and we have selected two loosely connected academic papers. Below arte links to the videos and the papers we selected (Hard copies will be available on the day).

In Car

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In The Home

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Emotional Systems I

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Emotional Systems II

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