Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Office mock-up

We have a mock-up of the standard FORUM office on the 4th floor of the Appleton Tower (thanks to Hugh Cameron, Rob MacGregor and Douglas Howie for an excellently engineered construction, and to all in CISA/AIAI for hosting this mock-up). We will use this to experiment with furniture layouts and door placement. This is an abstract representation of the space; it does not try to address other important issues: finishes, lighting, decoration, services etc.

For the time being, it looks very bare. Until furniture is installed you may find it helpful to compare it with other occupied space. It is slightly (about 500mm) smaller than the adjacent printer space on level 4. Take a look and record your questions and comments on the Wiki.

On Thursday 23rd this "room" will house an audiovisual installation by students from Architecture. Drop by and take a look!

Meanwhile, piling is finished - we hope to have a formal pile-capping ceremony on 30th March - and excavation of the Forum basement is well underway.


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