Incandescent Lamps

Common uses and advantages

Incandescent lamps are commonly used in desk lamps, table lamps, hallway lighting, closets, accent lighting, and chandeliers. They provide good color rendering and, in fact, serve as the color standard by which all other lamps are measured. Incandescent lamps are easily dimmable. These lamps have the lowest initial cost and require no ballast.

Other options to consider

Incandescent lamps are the least efficient lamps on the market. If they are used a large percentage of the year there may be a cost-effective replacement.

For general lighting new fluorescent luminaires may make sense. Since fluorescent lamps provide much more light for the same energy input fewer luminaires may be needed. If a dimming ballast is used then the fluorescent lamps may be dimmed, although not generally as low as incandescents.

Compact Fluorscent Lamp     Phillips Compact Fluorscent Lamp

For desk lamps, table lamps, or some other luminaires a good choice may be compact fluorescent lamps. These provide approximately the same light output as incandescent lamps up to 100W and are generally not dimmable. The size is generally larger, however, so compact fluorescents will not fit all places where incandescents are in use.

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