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You may download graphics and/or text from our web site without asking permission. You may publish this material in any form you choose. We are putting this material into the public domain.

We ask that you do respect the following two simple requests, however:

  1. Credit the source when you publish (Graph courtesy of International Light, http://www.intl-light.com)
  2. Send us a courtesy Email (We like the feedback)

Once we have put this material into the public domain, we can't tell you how to use it, to stop using it, to pay royalties, etc. You can even put your name on it and claim the work as your own. We don't care. We trust you to do the right thing.


If you require high resolution photos and graphs for professional publishing, contact Alex Ryer at: +1 508.465.5923, or email him at alexryer@intl-light.com. Files are available in either Adobe Photoshop (.EPS) format for photos, or Adobe Illustrator (vector .EPS) format for graphs and illustrations.

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