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Known Bugs

The following is a list of known problems with the JAVA code.

Stop Button

At the present time the stop button on the interface is unimplemented. This is due to problems in having the operator running in a separate thread to the interface, which would allow the operator to be stopped when in progress. The consequence of this is that clicking on the stop button will do nothing, and there is no way of stopping the operator in mid operation unless the Appletviewer it is running in is closed down. For this reason it is advised not to use the more complex operators on large images as once you have started them there will be no way to stop them if they take a long time to run.

Interface Freezing

This problem is caused by the lack of functionality in the Stop Button. While an operator is running, the interface from which it was run freezes until such time as the operator has finished running. This is due to the fact that they are not running in different threads. The interface will still register any user actions with the interface (e.g. a button click), however any action resulting from this interaction will not be executed until after the operator has finished running.

Component Positioning

If images are bigger than the researved space, then they may overlap.

Out of Memory

After several different operators and interfaces have been loaded and used, Java may report an "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError" error and freeze. Open the JAVA console to check for error messages.

You will probably also need to increase Java's working memory, by entering a -mx64M -ms32M into the Java Plug-in Control Panel. Placement of the control panel will be installation dependent, but you might find it by opening this file: file:/opt/NSCPcom/j2pi/ControlPanel.html. On Netscape, use: Communicator->Tools->Java Console. On Internet Explorer, use: Start->Settings->Control Panel and click on the Java Console.

Once you have used up the extended memory, the only fix we know is to exit the browser and restart it.

FFT Panel Layout

On Internet Explorer + Java 1.3, the FFT option box sizes are about 1/2 of the correct sizes. The options can still be used, but it is hard to see what they are.

Histogram Equalization Panel Layout

On Internet Explorer + Java 1.3, the result images layout is incorrect. The results can still be seen, but they are not as elegant. The time box is also too small.


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