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Common Software Implementations

It is often useful to know whether a particular operator is implemented within a given package, and what it is called. The tables below aim to help in this task a little by listing some common software implementations of standard operators. Due to space and time constraints we cannot present anything like a full survey of all of the operators in all the many image processing packages in existence, so we have instead concentrated instead on four of the more common packages that we use here at Edinburgh.

The four packages we have chosen are: Visilog, Khoros, the Matlab Image Processing Toolbox and HIPS. Information about these packages, and advice as to where they can be obtained, is given below.

If your image processing software is not mentioned here then you will have to consult the documentation that came with it for help on operator equivalents.

Note that while we have done our best to describe the contents of these packages accurately, it is possible that we have made some omissions, or that the implementation/version that you are using is different from ours. Where a package has several operators that do similar things to an operator documented in HIPR, we have mentioned only the one we think is closest.

* Visilog
* Khoros
* Matlab


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