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The Food Image Catalogue contains a collection of images depicting food in various stages of processing. Most commonly, fruits and vegetables are depicted in a still-life setting with a variety of different illumination scenarios.

args[0] (fsh2)

500×200 grayscale of haddock. Any use of this image must include the acknowledgement: `We thank Dr. N. J. C. Strachan, Torry Research Station and Drs. C. Glasbey and G. W. Horgan of Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland, University of Edinburgh for the use of this image.'

args[0] (fru1)

256×256 grayscale of apples, bananas and grapes.

args[0] (fru2)

427×352 8-bit color of orange.

args[0] (fru3)

536×321 8-bit color of oranges and bananas.

args[0] (fru4)

575×319 8-bit color of oranges and bananas (strong illumination gradient).

args[0] (fru5)

533×283 8-bit color of red apples.

args[0] (gar1)

391×162 grayscale of garlic.

args[0] (kiw1)

515×393 grayscale of kiwis.

args[0] (lek1)

367×278 grayscale of leeks.

args[0] (orn1)

583×383 grayscale of oranges in barrel (out of focus).

args[0] (orn2)

541×391 grayscale of oranges in barrel.

args[0] (pmk1)

685×237 carved Halloween pumpkins.

args[0] (pot1)

353×541 8-bit color of potatoes.

args[0] (sap1)

233×238 grayscale of salt and pepper shakers.

args[0] (tom1)

546×392 grayscale of tomatos (out of focus).

args[0] (tom2)

543×392 grayscale of tomatos.


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