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Image Catalogue by Subject/Type

This is the Image Catalogue by Subject/Type. Here the large (i.e. over 700 items) list of Image Library items has been divided into a collection of indexed smaller item sections based on the subject matter depicted within each image. Each of the categories listed provides a link to a second layer of the catalogue, which contains a description of every raw image of that subject type. (Note that where images fall into more than one of the categories below, they will appear in each.) For every raw image in the second layer which has been processed as part of a worksheet example, a link to the third (and final) catalogue layer exists. This third layer displays the derived images with links to the worksheets which describe the operation(s) performed on them in the image processing examples.

* Architecture
* Artificial
* Astronomical
* Faces
* Food
* Line
* Medical
* Motion Sequence
* Nature Scenes
* Office and Laboratory Scenes
* Remote Sensing
* Stereo
* Simple 2-D Objects
* Simple 3-D Objects
* Texture
* Vehicles


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