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IAPR Education Committee History

Historical Facts

The Education Standing Committee was first formed in 1992.

There were previous Education Committees, but currently we only have information for some these committees:


Robert Fisher (Chair) Xiaoyi Jiang
Yasuyo Kita Sankar Pal
Olga Pereira Bellon Keith Price
Kenneth Dawson-Howe Neil Thacker
Sudeep Sarkar


Robert Fisher (Chair) Laurent Heutte
Xiaoyi Jiang Bruce Maxwell
Sudeep Sarkar Sergios Theodoridis


Apostolos Antonacopoulos (Chair) Robert Fisher
Patrick J. Flynn Larry O'Gorman
Sergios Theodoridis


Patrick J. Flynn (Chair) Henrik Christensen
Bruce DraperFrank Ferrie
Ana FredGeorge Bebis
Tieniu Tan


Linda Shapiro (Chair) Jake Aggarwal
Dmitry Goldgof Katsu Ikeuchi
Matti Pietkainnen


??? (Chair)
Yuichi Ohta


??? (Chair)
Yuichi Ohta

1994-1996 (now a standing committee)

Chris Taylor (Chair) Fritz Albregtsen
Carlo Arcelli Kevin Bowyer
Aurélio Campilho Koichiro Deguchi
Paul Kwok Hanan Samet
George Stockman Piero Zamperoni

1992-1994 (ad hoc committee)

Gabriella Sanniti di Baja (Chair) Keiichi Abe
Fritz Albregtsen Carlo Arcelli
Aurélio Campilho Josef Kittler
Paul Kwok Maria Petrou
Hanan Samet George Stockman
Piero Zamperoni

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