Workshop on Computer Vision System Control Architectures (VSCA 2003)

March 31, 2003
NEW VENUE: Hotel Weitzer near the Convention Center Graz, Austria


Modern high-level vision algorithms must take account of greater options than in the past: All these lead to vision systems with embedded specialized process controllers.

This workshop will bring together recent research into the issues involving the control of the system's processing (in contrast to what the system is processing). This means research that includes:

The goal of the workshop is to invigorate a research area that has not had much exposure in the past decade, but which is likely to become important in the next decade as the research community shifts to problems in data stream interpretation.


9:30-10:30INVITED TALK: From Knowledge Bases to Markov Models to PCA
Bruce Draper
11:00-11:30Virtual Synchronization for Real-Time Multi-Target Tracking by Asynchronous Distributed Cameras
Norimichi Ukita and Takashi Matsuyama
11:30-12:00Confidence-driven Memory architecture for Real-Time Vision System
Hiromasa Yoshimoto, Daisaku Arita and Rin-ichiro Taniguchi
14:00-14:30Context analysis to optimize resources in a vision system
Paolo Lombardi, Bertrand Zavidovique, Virginio Cantoni
14:30-15:00Control of redundant attentive and investigative behaviours in an active cognitive vision system
Motoki Takagi, Christof Eberst, Gerald Umgeher
15:00-15:30An Architecture for Knowledge Based Image Interpretation
Celine Hudelot and Monique Thonnat
16:00-16:30A Reusable Dynamic Framework for Cognitive Vision Systems
Wolfgang Ponweiser, Gerald Umgeher, Markus Vincze
16:30-17:00An Architecture for Context Aware Observation of Human Activity
James L. Crowley, Patrick Reignier


Deadline for abstract submission: January 15, 2003
Notification of acceptance March 3, 2003
Deadline for revised abstract March 10, 2003
Workshop March 31, 2003


See the ICVS03 main registration form.



This is intended to be an informal, work-in-progress workshop. Those authors selected for presentation at the workshop will be required to submit a revised 4 page abstract for the final "proceedings", which will be the full set of abstracts.


Bob Fisher Univ. of Edinburgh (Chair)
James Crowley INRIA
Jose Santos-Victor Instituto Tecnico Superior


Majid Mirmehdi Univ of Bristol
Paul Rosin Cardiff Univ
Monnique Thonnat INRIA
Toyohide Watanabe Nagoya Univ

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