I'm a Reader in Explainable AI in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh and a part-time Senior Research Fellow in Safe & Ethical AI at The Alan Turing Institute, the UK's national institute for data science. I'm also a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Engineering at the University of Oxford, and an ELLIS Scholar.

My research interests are broad and cross-disciplinary, and motivated by problems found at the intersection of machine learning, computer vision, natural-language processing, cognitive science, robotics, and neuroscience. In particular, I'm interested in unsupervised learning of structured representations from perceptual data, exploring inductive biases for such models, and establishing common ground between machines and humans through interaction, with implications for building robust, generalisable, and interpretable AI and ML systems.

Previously ... I previously spent five wonderful years as a Postdoc and Senior Researcher in the Torr Vision Group at the University of Oxford, working with Phil Torr. Prior to this I spent two great years as a Postdoc in the Computation and Cognition Lab at Stanford with Noah Goodman. I started my life as an academic with a PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Purdue with Jeff Siskind, playing with board games and Lincoln Logs.

I'm always looking for strong and motivated PhD students.
Please see supervision for further details.
email n (.) siddharth (at) ed (.) ac (.) uk
  loc Informatics Forum (IF 2.11), 10 Crichton St, Edinburgh EH8 9AB