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General Overview

HIPR is a reference package for image processing, particularly designed for use in conjunction with image processing courses. Its key feature is that it is available in an easy-to-use hypermedia format, complete with on-line example images to illustrate the effects of many different image processing operations. This section introduces some of the main concepts of HIPR.

The Most Important Bits of HIPR

Some sections of HIPR are of particular importance. If you intend to learn how to use HIPR effectively then these are the sections that you should first familiarize yourself with:

How to Use HIPR

This section of HIPR provides all the background information that you will need in order to use HIPR effectively, including a detailed description of the format of the image processing reference worksheets, and instructions on navigating around HIPR.

Image Processing Operations

This is the core section of HIPR, providing reference `worksheets' on a large number of image processing operations in common usage today. The structure of these worksheets is described in detail in the section on How to Use the Worksheets.

Interactive Demonstrations

This is a short cut to the interactive demonstrations for each of the individual operators contained in HIPR. It is also the link for the interactive tableau where multiple operators can be linked together to demonstrate sequences of operations.

The A to Z

The A to Z of Common Image Processing Concepts provides essential backup to the reference information contained in the Image Processing Operations section. This section provides background and tutorial information that describes jargon and concepts used in the operator worksheets, with which it is extensively cross-referenced.

The Index

Unsurprisingly perhaps, the index is often the most useful starting place for an information search. However, it is particularly useful with HIPR's hypermedia format, because the index entries are actually hot-links that can be followed with simple mouse clicks.

Of course, the other sections of HIPR are also important, but those above are the most relevant to beginning users.


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