A comparison of bisimulation-based semantic equivalences for noninterleaving behaviour over CCS processes

V.C. Galpin

South African Computer Journal, 26:4-12, November 2000. (A research paper presented at SAICSIT 2000, 1-3 November 2000, Cape Town, South Africa).


A number of extensions to the process algebra CCS (Calculus of Communicating Systems) have been proposed to deal with noninterleaving behaviour such as location and causality. The aim of the paper is to use existing and new comparison results to provide a hierarchy of these semantic equivalences over pure finite CCS terms. It is not possible to include some extensions in this hierarchy and the reasons for the exclusion are given.

Keywords: comparison of semantic equivalences, process algebra, bisimulation, location, causality
Computing Review Categories: D.3.1, F.1.2, F.3.2, F.4.3 

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