True concurrency equivalence semantics: an overview

V.C. Galpin

In Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Masters and PhD Students on Computer Science Conference, Stellenbosch University Seminar Centre, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 14-15 December 1994. 46-60.


This paper will present an overview of true concurrency semantic equivalences for CCS which have been presented in the literature in recent years. Selected equivalences will be described and examples will be given of their use. Finally, these equivalences will be compared with respect to CCS and a partial hierarchy will be given. I will also describe the research that I propose to pursue towards my PhD. This research is in the area of theory of concurrency and deals specifically with semantic equivalences defined on labelled transition systems, with the main focus being on equivalences for true concurrency. I wish to compare the numerous equivalences presented in the literature and to determine when and how these equivalences can be used. 

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