Journal Articles

Arthur Pellegrino, N Alex Cayco-Gajic*, Angus Chadwick*
Low tensor rank learning of neural dynamics
NeurIPS (2023)

Angus Chadwick, Adil Khan, Jasper Poort, Antonin Blot, Sonja Hofer, Thomas Mrsic-Flogel & Maneesh Sahani
Learning shapes cortical dynamics to enhance integration of relevant sensory input
Neuron (2023)

Jasper Poort, Katharina Wilmes, Antonin Blot, Angus Chadwick, Maneesh Sahani, Thomas Mrsic-Flogel, Claudia Clopath, Sonja Hofer & Adil Khan
Learning and attention increase visual response selectivity through distinct mechanisms
Neuron (2022)

Adil Khan*, Jasper Poort*, Angus Chadwick*, Antonin Blot*, Maneesh Sahani, Thomas Mrsic-Flogel & Sonja Hofer
Distinct learning-induced changes in stimulus selectivity and interactions of GABAergic interneuron classes in visual cortex
Nature Neuroscience (2018)
*Equal contribution

Angus Chadwick, Mark van Rossum* and Matthew Nolan*
Flexible theta sequence compression mediated via phase precessing interneurons
eLife (2016)
*Co-senior author

Angus Chadwick, Mark van Rossum and Matthew Nolan
Independent theta phase coding accounts for CA1 population sequences and enables flexible remapping
eLife (2015)


Hippocampal theta sequences: from phenomenology to circuit mechanisms
PhD Thesis (2015)
Supervised by Mark van Rossum and Matthew Nolan

Spontaneous pre-stimulus oscillations bias perceptual decisions
MSc Thesis (2012)
Supervised by Geraint Rees, Joseph Brooks and Vincenzo Romei

Parameter estimation for inspiral compact binaries in the linearised quadrupole approximation
MPhys Thesis (2010)
Supervised by Luigi Del Debbio