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Image Sequence Segmentation Data

Ground truth segmented image sequence data is very hard to come by. The difficulty of hand labelling single images is prohibitive enough without venturing to image sequences. One way to obtain such sequences in a cheaper fashion is to make a compromise on the original images. If the images are generated, say, through ray tracing, then the same generative process can be used to create the segmentations. This has the benefit of providing useable data while having the disadvantage that the images are not real-life. However the images do have significant lighting, specular effects etc, so they are more realistic than some other images might be.

Glen McCarter has been kind enough to make his "Air Freight" entry to the internet ray tracing competition available for this use. I have made the necessary modifications to the data to produce the segmentations, which are done on the basis of particular textural characteristics. An example pair is shown below. Movies of the two sequences are available: the original air freight sequence and the segmented movie. All images in the original sequence are copyright Glen McCarter and all images in the ground truth sequence are copyright Glen McCarter and Amos Storkey. The sequences can be used for research purposes, subject to the usual acknowledgements.

The full data for all the frames (PNGs) is available as ZIP file of the Air Freight image sequences. The ground truth segmentation uses different colours for each of the segmented types.

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