Amos Storkey


Learning from Data

I teach Learning from Data, a course covering the core themes in machine learning from a probabilistic modelling perspective. There are a number of causes which are naturally complementary to this one including Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning, Machine Learning and Sensorimotor Control and Data Mining and Exploration.

Data Mining and Exploration

I also teach Data Mining and Exploration. This is an exploratory course where students are required to get their hands dirty with real data mining problems on real data sets. There are a number of visiting lectures, and students give presentations based on the work they have done.

MSc and 4th year projects

I suggest a number of machine learning projects each year. If you are interested in these projects then please contact me. Due to the nature of machine learning methods, the projects usually require significantly above average mathematical ability (averaged over the projects on the course as a whole) so do bear that in mind.

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