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Various pieces of information on, and code for the position encoding dynamic tree can be found at the Probabilistic Models for Sequences Project Site.

Satellite Tracks

For those who are interested here is a flythrough of the ukj005 plate, with a look at the satellite tracks, extracted using an early pre-release alpha version of the satellite track extractor. The movie shows the full data, focussing in on two satellite tracks and showing their different characteristics. It then compresses one dimension to show the fact that satellite tracks are elliptical, and cannot just be viewed as straight lines. Hence extraction by simple Hough transforms or RANSAC approaches is unsuitable. The compressed (Video 1) flythrough.avi is 74MB, so don't bother loading it unless you are bandwidth rich. A smaller version (16th size) is available as flythroughb.avi at 20MB. This smaller version is also available as a 23MB flythroughb.mpg (although mpeg compression is pretty unsuitable for this sort of image sequence). For those who only have an old version of mpeg_play then I'm afraid you will have to put up with this (30MB) flythroughb2.mpg. A lossless MNG version is available named flythrougha.mng which is 44MB, and a 16th size version named flythroughb.mng (33MB) for those whose computers/monitors are slow/small. Can't play mng's? See MNG supporting applications for a player or plugin.

A shorter version of the flythrough is available at flythroughnew.avi, (768x768) size 40MB. My favourite yet is available as flythroughnew3c0.avi, (384x384) size 36MB.

A tutorial demonstration of the Hough transform is also available.

Some zoomable demo results of the linear track detector on UKR001 are available in a nifty site. They are here for netscape 6+, ie5+ (best results) and recent mozilla based browsers. A less flashy version is here for browsers with naff javascript implementations (including opera and netscape4).

Also: UKR002 (net6,ie5,moz), UKR003 (net6,ie5,moz), UKR004 (net6,ie5,moz), UKR005 (net6,ie5,moz), UKR002 (other), UKR003 (other), UKR004 (other), UKR005 (other).

Not really a demonstration, but Glen McCarter's Air Freight image sequence has now been segmented and both sequences are now publicly available.

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