Cristina Matache

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Office 5.28
Informatics Forum
University of Edinburgh
10 Crichton Street
Edinburgh EH8 9AB
United Kingdom



I am a postdoc in the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh working with Sam Lindley on the Effect Handler Oriented Programming project. Between October 2018 and October 2022 I was a PhD student at the University of Oxford, working with Sam Staton, and also a member of Balliol College. Previously, I obtained an MSc in Computer Science from Oxford and a BA from Cambridge. My research interests are semantics of programming languages, types, category theory, logic and verification. For my PhD thesis, I worked on models of programming languages built using logical relations and sheaves.





  • 2020--2021: Stipendiary Lecturer at Jesus College.
  • Hilary term 2020: class tutor and marker for Lambda Calculus and Types.
  • Michaelmas term 2019: tutoring Discrete Mathematics for first year undergraduates.