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About the hair

I'm often asked about my hair. Since my hair is such a prominent part of my life, not to mention of my Web page, I'll answer a few common questions about it here.

How long have you had your hair this way?

Ten years! I started growing my hair out the summer before my junior year of high school. If you conservatively assume that it took a year for my hair to get long, that's ten years.

When was the last time you cut it?

I got it trimmed in early May 2004. I'm trying to be good about trimming it, because then it gets less tangled. I last shaved for Halloween, 1999. I went as a Cyc microtheory, #$HumanActivitiesMt. It would be difficult to explain.

Whoa! Did you just get it cut?

No. See? It's just stuck in my shirt.

You know, you really should take better care of it.

I know. What are you gonna do, call the hair police?

Do you use conditioner?

Yes. I used to use Pantene, but recently I switched to VO5 shampoo and conditioner. It's cheaper, and it seems to work just as well. On the more expensive side, though, I have been trying a Paul Mitchell leave-in conditioner (since late 2005). It does seem to make a difference.

Has anyone told you that you look like . . .

Yes. So far I've heard Jesus, David Koresh, and Weird Al Yankovic. I actually dressed up as Jesus one Halloween, and I won the Javabar costume contest in the "Religious Figures" category. (Well, so what if Andy Myatt made up the categories on the spot?)

Do you mind people asking questions about your hair?

You have to realize, this whole hair thing is just for attention. Of course I don't mind people asking questions. In fact, maybe this "hair Web page" is self-defeating: If everybody read this page before asking me about my hair, then no one would have to ask me about it, and there would no point growing my hair long for attention! Hmmmm.

It's getting to be summer now. Are you going to cut it?


It's going to be hot...

I don't think so.

What's with that icon of you with a flying saucer on your head?

[The icon in question]Well, nobody's asked me this yet, but I can see it coming. It's supposed to be me with a old-time hair dryer on my head. Yeah, I know it looks like a metal mixing bowl, but it's the best I could do.

I wonder what you would look like with short hair.

Now you can finally find out! I've written a special Web page that lets you see what I would look like with different clothing and hair styles. You'll need a Java-capable browser to use it. If you don't know what that means, then you've probably got one. So if you've got the technology, you've got the chance to Dress Up Charles!

Enough of the hair already! Take me back to Charles's front page.

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