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Who is Charles Sutton?

I am a graduate student in computer science at the University of Massachusetts. I work in the Information Extraction and Synthesis Laboratory with Andrew McCallum. My research is on graphical models applied to information extraction and natural-language processing. I am now in my fifth year. This leads many people to ask when I will graduate.

Physically, I am white and male. I have long hair, a mustache, and a beard. If you hadn't figured that much by now already (and are using a graphical browser), you must be incredibly stupid and I'll have to ask you to leave this home page immediately.

Intellectually, I am a man of mystery and intrigue: equally at home with haute couture and carry-out pizza; a master of chess, backgammon, and seven different forms of martial arts; and close friends with the CEOs of at least three Fortune 500 companies (1). I am, in short, me.

Things I have done include:

Outside of school, well, I don't have a life, because I'm a graduate student, and it's not allowed. I play Go. I like to play board games and card games, and to learn new games. I enjoy cooking and baking. I do also play violin, but I haven't practiced much since I started graduate school.

I think that's quite enough for one person. Now feel free to go back to Charles's front page.

Footnote: All of this is, of course, a lie. In real life, my idea of high fashion is remembering to wear clean socks. At chess, all I do is lose, even at Losers' Chess. And the closest I've ever come to mystery and intrigue is watching Murder, She Wrote. (Didn't you love the one where Mrs. Fletcher... nah, never mind.) But all this more properly belongs on the Why Charles Sutton's life is depressing page.

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