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Broken Link

Congratulations! You have found a broken link on this Web page. It wasn't hard to find; just click on something that's too complicated for Charles to to spend time on. But still it's an accomplishment. You are the 000342nd person to find this page, by the way.

Nevertheless, you deserve some sort of reward. Hmmm...how about ... a cheesecake? Nah... wouldn't fit in the disk drive. How about ... yes, that's it! I know exactly what you deserve!

A patting hand.You deserve ... A PAT ON THE BACK! Now, what I want you to do is turn around and put your back up to the screen, right up against that graphic at left.

Go ahead! You've been at the computer all day. All week, perhaps, from the way you smell. You're starving for affection. (You must be if you're looking at Web pages this time of day.) You know you want to. Nobody else can see you; they won't even get near you, seeing as you haven't showered in a month. Do it! Do it!

Did you do it? Great! Don't you feel better now?

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