Ewan Klein


My research career spans a range of topics, including theoretical linguistics; computational phonology, syntax and semantics; spoken dialogue with mobile robots; text mining in domains such as medical biology and digital history; the use of different forms of data in the context of Living Labs and the Internet of Things.

Before retiring, much of my work was centred on Edinburgh Living Lab, where I collaborated with colleagues in social science, design informatics, geosciences and social anthropology. A key theme was how new sources and new forms of data affect our understanding of ourselves as both individuals and as collectives.

Side Projects

I’ve been involved in a number of initiatives over the last few years which go beyond standard academia. These include:

  • Prewired SCIO is a volunteer-based coding club for under-19s. I was one of the co-founders and I am currently the chair of the Board of Trustees.

  • Smart Data Hack was a series of one-week programming and data hack events that I organised between 2013 and 2016.