Funded Research Projects

Dates Project Funding Role, Funder & Project Name
2019 £50k Principal Investigator — City of Edinburgh Council, Data and Design for Property Planning
2017–2018 60k€ Principal Investigator — OrganiCity Experiment, Edinburgh CitySounds
2016–2017 £50k Co-Investigator — Innovate-UK, Flexi-shuttle: Demand responsive transport optimisation, University of Edinburgh
2016–2017 £71k Principal Investigator — EPSRC GCRF Institutional Sponsorship, ED4All: Creating Value from Data in the context of Off-grid Energy Systems
2016 £45k (including in-kind) Principal Investigator — The Data Lab, Ultra-low emission Taxis Feasibility Study
2013–2017 £339k Co-Investigator — EC Marie Curie Initial Training Network, ESSENCE: Evolution of Shared Semantics in Computational Environments
2013–2016 £339k Principal Investigator — EC H2020, S-CASE: Scaffolding Scalable Software Services
2012–2013 £150k Principal Investigator — JISC/SSHRC (Digging into Data Programme), Trading Consequences. Joint with EDINA, York University (Canada), University of St. Andrews.
2012–2013 £95k Co-Investigator — JISC (Research Tools Programme), Twitter Analysis Workbench Development. Joint with University of Manchester, University of St. Andrews, University of Leeds, University College London, University of Wolverhampton.
2005–2008 £1.89m Principal Investigator — ITI Life Sciences, Text Mining (TXM). Joint with Cognia EU Ltd.
2004–2007 £267k Principal Investigator with Claire Grover and Chris Manning (Stanford) — Scottish Enterprise, Edinburgh-Stanford Information Extraction (EASIE). Joint with CSLI, Stanford.
2002–2004 £150k Principal Investigator with Claire Grover and Chris Manning (Stanford) — Scottish Enterprise, Machine Learning for Named Entity Recognition (SEER). Joint with CSLI, Stanford.
2001 £60k Site Coordinator — CEC HLT 26280, Dialogues in the Home Machine Environment (D’Homme). Other consortium partners: SRI (Cambridge), University of Seville (E), University of Gothenburg (S), Telia (S), NetDecisions (UK).
2000–2003 £153k Principal Investigator — EPSRC, Instruction-based Learning for Mobile Robots (IBL). Joint with University of Plymouth.
1998–2001 £107k Site Coordinator — CEC ESPRIT ltr 26241, Proof and Specification Assisted Design Environments (prosper). Other consortium partners: University of Glasgow, the University of Cambridge, the Universities of Karlsruhe and Tuebingen (D), IFAD (DK), and Prover Technology.
1996–1999 £71k Coordinator — CEC ESPRIT Basic Research Actions, dissemination actions for Network of Excellence in Language and Speech (ELSNET).
1994 £24k Coordinator (on behalf of ELSNET) — CEC LRE Programme, Language Engineering Convention / Actes des Journées du Génie Linguistique, Paris, France.
1994–1995 £23k Coordinator (on behalf of ELSNET) — CEC Copernicus Programme, Survey of Language Engineering Organisations in Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States. Other consortium partners: LIMSI (F), University of Saarbrücken (D).
1994–1995 £20k Coordinator (on behalf of ELSNET) — CEC Human Capital and Mobility Programme, Scientific Network in Language and Speech.
1994–1996 £128k Principal Investigator — SERC, Integrated Language Database (ILD). Other consortium partners: Sharp Laboratories of Europe Ltd, Cambridge University Press, and the University of Cambridge.
1994–1998 £128k Principal Investigator (with Dr Steven Bird) — ESRC, A Computational Model of Tone and Its Relation to Speech.
1993–1994 £158k Coordinator — CEC ESPRIT Basic Research Actions, to coordinate Network of Excellence in Language and Speech (ELSNET).
1993–1994 £101k Principal Investigator (with Dr M Moens) — CEC EUROTRA, Methodologies for Constructing Knowledge Bases for NLP.
1993–1995 £34k Coordinator (on behalf of ELSNET) — CEC LRE Programme, A European Network for Repositories for Linguistic Resources (RELATOR).
1992–1995 £245k Principal Investigator (with Dr R Cooper and Dr M Moens) — CEC esprit Basic Research Actions, Dynamic Interpretation of Natural Language (Dyana-2), BR 6852. Other consortium members: University of Amsterdam (NL), Universität München (D), University of Oslo (N), Universität Stuttgart (D), Universität Tübingen (D), Universiteit Utrecht (NL).
1989–1992 £49k Principal Investigator — ESRC Towards a Cognitive Account of Temporal Reference.
1989–1999 £1,750k Principal Investigator (with 9 others) — ESRC and UFC for Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Human Communication (HCRC).
1989–1992 £148k Principal Investigator (with Mr A Bijl and Dr J Lee, EdCAAD) — Joint Research Councils HCI/Cognitive Science Initiative, Foundations for Intelligent Graphical Interfaces.
1984–1989 £381k Site Coordinator — CEC ESPRIT Construction and Interrogation of Knowledge Bases using Natural Language and Graphics (Acord), P393. Other consortium partners: Laboratoires de Marcoussis (F), Triumph-Adler AG (D), Honeywell BULL (F), Edinburgh Computer Aided Architectural Design, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft-IAO (D), Universität Stuttgart (D).