DRPS arrows

DRPS arrows is an unofficial tool to help you navigate the DRPS website more quickly. You can quickly change session, and course codes in course descriptions become links.

Install browser extension: for Firefox 🦊 or for Chrome or Edge.

Or as a userscript: TamperMonkey users can install here 🐒.

The DRPS banner with this extension:
[Image of the DRPS site with additional left and right arrows added in the title banner]
Clicking the arrows moves the current page between sessions. The year is coloured in green if it’s a future session, red if it’s an old session. Clicking on a coloured year takes you to the current session. The current session is rolled over in June.

Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+left previous; Ctrl+right next; Ctrl+up current. Keyboard shortcuts work on error pages too, when a course doesn't exist in some session.

Additional links:
[screenshot of the DRPS showing that URLs in the plain text description are now hyperlinked]
Course codes in the free text sections become links. The screenshot also shows a navigation menu available from the Firefox location bar. In Chrome the button is on the main toolbar and is visible (grayed out) on all sites (a feature/limitation of Chrome). You can hide the button if you don't like it. With the user-script you don’t get a toolbar button at all.

Compatibility: I have only tested the web extension with Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. However, other browsers might be able to use it, or the userscript in conjunction with an extension like TamperMonkey.

No warranty: This tool was made in my spare time and comes with no guarantees. Use it at your own risk! Feel free to tell me about any problems, but please understand that I might not have time to fix them.

Development and debugging: The code is available on the University Gitlab instance. Old releases of the userscript and Firefox extension are also archived here.