PATH bookmarklet

Personal tutors can access their tutees’ course selections in PATH. However, it’s hard to get a list of the course codes that the student has selected.

There is a “print / display selection” menu option that should show the course selection, but it usually doesn’t work for me (it usually only shows the default compulsory courses for the degree, rather than a student’s actual choice). IS have ignored my bug reports about this issue, so I made...

A Firefox bookmarklet that let’s you display a compact plain-text listing of a student’s selected courses:

PATH alert

Right-click on the link and bookmark. You may want to put the bookmark in the “Bookmarks Toolbar” folder.

When selected on a PATH page with course selections, the bookmark will open an alert window with plain text showing the course choices currently selected. At least on Linux, you can select that text with the mouse and copy it (as a mouse selection, or with Ctrl-C).

You can show/hide the Bookmarks Toolbar by right-clicking the “hamburger” (three horizontal lines) on the toolbar and selecting the option. Or press and release each of Alt V T B one after the other (press V after releasing Alt, and so on).


For Chrome / Chromium: you’ll want to output the data in another way, because you can’t select and copy from alert windows. Here’s a version that logs the student’s course selection to the developer console (press F12):

PATH log

If you show the bookmarks bar with Ctrl-Shift-B, you should be able to drag the “PATH log” link there. If not, this old page on how to add bookmarklets in Chrome may help.

This hacky tool was made by Iain Murray (2018). It comes with no guarantees.
Feel free to tell me about any problems, but I might not have time to fix them.
Everything works inside your browser, so no data is sent anywhere.