Quick CV

Note: This is not up-to-date.


  • 1995–1999 » PhD in Artificial Intelligence (Automated Reasoning).
    • Computer Laboratory and Clare College, University of Cambridge, UK.
    • Thesis: A combination of geometry theorem proving and nonstandard analysis, with application to Newton’s Principia. Winner of the Council of Professors and Heads of Computing/British Computer Society (CPHC/BCS) Distinguished PhD Dissertation in Computer Science for the UK.
    • Supervisor: Prof. Lawrence C Paulson FRS. Viva: 12 May 1999, passed with no correction.
  • 1991–1995 » MEng in Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering
    • Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of London, UK.
    • Degree obtained: First Class Honours

Scholarships and Awards

  • 2005 – 2006 » Royal Society of Edinburgh/Scottish Executive Research Fellowhip
  • 2000 » British Computer Society Distinguished PhD Dissertation in Computer Science.
  • 1998 » Data Connection Postgraduate Award.
  • 1995–1998 » Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholarship.
  • 1995–1998 » Overseas Research Student Award (ORS).
  • 1995 » Old Centralians Bursary, City and Guilds Institute, Imperial College.
  • 1991–1995 » Government of Mauritius Laureate Scholarship for undergraduate studies.

Miscellaneous (Incomplete and kind of up-to-date)

  • PC Chair: 13th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation, AISC 2018.
  • Conference Chair: Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics, CICM 2017.
  • Member of EPSRC Peer review college.
  • Associate Editor: Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence (Springer)
  • Editorial Boards:
  • Program Committees (definitely incomplete!):
    • Math-AI 2021 (ICLR workshop).
    • CICM 2021.
    • Diagrams 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2021, 2024.
    • VERIFY 2014.
    • Automated Deduction in Geometry (ADG) 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2021,2023.
    • IJCAR 2012.
    • Geometric Constraints and Reasoning (GCR) 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.
    • Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation (AISC) 2004, 2012.
    • Automated Reasoning Workshop (ARW) 2005-present.
    • Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics (TPHOLs) 2004, 2005, 2007.
  • External PhD examiner:
    • Asad Ahmed. Thesis: Formal Analysis of Power Electronics Circuits using Theorem Proving, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan, 2021
    • David Braun. Thesis: Approche combinatoire pour l’automatisation Coq des preuves formelles en géométrie d’incidence projective, Université de Strasbourg, 2019.
    • Michael Strobel. Thesis: Non-standard Analysis in Projective Geometry, TUM, 2018.
    • Tuan-Minh Pham. Thesis:  Description Formelle de Proprietes Geometriques, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, 2011.
    • Julien Narboux. Thesis: Formalisation et automatisation du raisonnement geometrique en Coq, INRIA Futurs, Ecole Polytechnique, LIX, France, 2006.
  • Internal PhD examiner
    • Alessandro Spinuso, Thesis: Active Provenance for Data Intensive Research, 2018.
    • Daniel Raggi, Thesis: Searching the space of representations: reasoning through transformations for mathematical problem solving, 2016.
    • Sripriya G,  Thesis: An implementation methodology for using concurrent and collaborative approaches for Theorem Provers with case studies of SAT and LCF style provers, 2012.
    • Omar Montano Rivas, Thesis: Scheme-based Theorem Discovery and Concept Invention, 2011.
    • George Christelis, Thesis: Automated Norm Synthesis in Planning Environments, 2011.
    • Nardine Osman, Thesis: Runtime Verification of Deontic and Trust Models in Multiagent Interactions, 2008.
    • Graham Steel, Thesis: Formal verification of security protocols, University of Edinburgh 2004.
  • MPhil/Masters Examiner
    • Timothy James McKenzie Makarios, Thesis: A Mechanical verification of the independence of Tarski’s Euclidean Axiom, 2012.
    • Roko Mijic, Thesis: Representing knowledge about the real world: probabilistic, logical, and categorical techniques, 2009.
  • Reviewer for The Shaw Prize 2006 (Mathematical Sciences).
  • Program Chair/Co-Chair: Automated Reasoning Workshop, IJCAI 2005; Automated Theory Exploration (ATX), IJCAR 2012.
  • Invited talk at the Automated Reasoning Workshop 2004, Leeds, UK.
  • External Referee for Junior Research Fellowship competitions at Girton College (2001) and Churchill College (2002), University of Cambridge, UK.
  • Invited Staff Scientist at NASA Langley Research Center, VA for 1 month, 2001.
  • Reviewer for numerous journals and conferences such as The Journal of Automated Reasoning, Electronic Notes in Theoretical Science, Formal Aspects of Computing, Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, American Mathematical Monthly, Journal of Applied Logic, ADG, CADE, ECAI, IJCAR, LPAR, AVOCS, Diagrams etc. as well as organisations such the Newton Institute, Cambridge University Press, and the NSF (USA).

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