Logic and Automata

Course descriptors:  Level 10   Level 11

Professor: Leonid Libkin
Office hours: by appointment

Class meets Wednesdays, 11:10-13:00, AT 2.04



3 simple homeworks, worth 5% each; 2 assignments, worth 30% each; one presentation, worth 25% (no exam)
Homeworks and Assignments

Lecture materials

There is no text on the subject at the moment.
Students taking the course will be given (incomplete) class notes from 2007.

Other useful references are:

Smartboard from 2008

In 2008, the room had a whiteboard and a smartboard. All smartboard screenshots (roughly 50% of the material) were saved and made available as PDF files. Each corresponds to a 50-minute lecture. FWIW, here they are: lecture 2     lecture 3     lecture 4     lecture 5     lecture 6     lecture 7     lecture 8     lecture 9     lecture 10     lecture 11     lecture 12     lecture 13     lecture 14     lecture 15     lecture 16     broken for lecture 17     lecture 18     lecture 19 (scanned notes; smartboard didn't save)     lecture 20     additional lecture    

Possible presentation topics: