Research Group

Matthias Hennig - PI
Henrique Reis Aguiar - PhD student, working on biological models of factor learning.
Justin Jude - PhD student, working on latent variable models for analysis of neural recordings.
Patricia Rubisch - PhD student, working on network dynamics, plasticity and reservoir computing.
Ada Duan - PhD student, working on un+supervised learning models.
Robyn Greene - PhD student, working on the neural basis of kinship and statistical models for neural recordings. This is a joint project with Ann Clemens' Kinship lab.


Cole Hurwitz - PhD student (Thouron Fellow), worked on machine learning tools for neuroscience data analysis and open science. Now postdoc at Columbia.
Joseph Cronin - PhD student, worked on interpretation of parametric models large scale network activity. Now doing machine learning for Sensyne Health.
Martino Sorbaro - Erasmus Mundus PhD student, worked on statistical models of neural network activity and herding spikes, jointly with Arvind Kumar (KTH Stockholm). Now doing neuromorphic computing at the ETH and at aiCTX, Zurich.
Michael Rule - Research Fellow, worked on models of neural population activity recorded with large scale MEA, jointly with Guido Sanguinetti. Now Leverhulme Trust fellow in Tim O'Leary's group at Cambridge.
Marzena Bihun - Neuroinformatics DTC PhD student, worked on models of neural circuits in the hippocampus, 1st supervisor, jointly with Emma Wood (CCNS Edinburgh). Now working in software for Biomedicine at Syngenta.
Oliver Muthmann - Erasmus Mundus PhD student, worked on the analysis of MEA recordings and network plasticity and homeostasis, and herded spikes (jointly with Upinder Ballah, NCBS Bangalore). Now sorting spikes and researching at UT Austin.
Dagmara Panas - Neuroinformatics DTC PhD student (co-supervised with Luca Berdondini from IIT Genova), worked on statistical models of neural activity recorded with high-density MEA and sloppiness. Now back at Edinburgh as data scientist.
Sahar Pirmoradian - Research Fellow, worked on analysis of high density MEA data from the retina. Now Director of Data Science at Price Image.
Yann Sweeney - Erasmus Mundus PhD student, worked on homeostasis of cellular excitability and the role of diffusive messengers (co-supervised with Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski from KTH Stockholm). Now Senior Editor at Nature Machine Intelligence.
Philip Tully - Erasmus Mundus PhD student, worked on plasticity and homeostasis in large neural networks, 2nd supervisor, jointly with Anders Lansner (KTH Stockholm). Now uses his data science skills to detect online fraud at ZeroFOX.