My research insterests include computer architecture, micro-architecture, high-speed processor simulation, and the synthesis of new architectures.

I am currently the Principal Investigator on the PASTA project, a 3.5 year project funded by the EPSRC to research new methods of synthesising architectures, micro-architectures and compilers. Full details are on the PASTA project website.

Before taking up a Chair in Computer Systems at Edinburgh University, I was chief architect (and later a CTO) for ARC International. In that capacity I was responsible for leading the project to develop the ARC 600, which is now a widely deployed embedded processor.

Prior to ARC I worked on Clustered VLIW architectures, and took some of those ideas to industry in via the startup company Siroyan (1999-2003).

In the early 90s I spent a number of years working on latency-tolerant Decoupled Architectures, and spent a very enjoyable period working with the Advanced Computer Research Institute (ACRI) in France (1989-1995).

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