Visual observation and analysis of Vertebrate And Insect Behavior 2016

A one day workshop to be held in conjunction with the

23rd International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2016)
Cancun, Mexico
December 4, 2016

There has been an enormous amount of research on analysis of video data of humans, but relatively little on visual analysis of other organisms. The goal of this workshop is to stimulate and bring together the current research in this area, and provide a forum for researchers to share expertise. As we want to make this more of a discussion workshop, we encourage work-in-progress presentations. Reviewing will be lightweight and only abstracts will be circulated to attendees.

Previous versions of VAIB are here: 2008 (Tampa), 2010 (Istanbul), 2012 (Tsukuba), 2014 (Stockholm), 2016 (Cancun),

Note: full papers based on the VAIB presentations can be submitted to "Computer Vision for Animal Biometrics", a Special Issue of the IET Computer Vision Journal.

The issues that the research will address include:

These problems can be applied to a variety of species at different sizes, such as fruit and house flies, crickets, cockroaches and other insects, farmed and wild fish, mice and rats, commercial farm animals such as poultry, cows and horses, and wildlife monitoring, etc. One aspect that they all have in common is video data.


Venue: Salon Costa Maya 3 (first floor)

Welcome: R. B. Fisher

Farm Animals
A CNN-based Cow Interaction Watchdog
Håkan Ardö, Oleksiy Guzhva, Mikael Nilsson
Health Monitoring of Group-Housed Pigs using Depth-Enabled Multi-Object Tracking
Mateusz Mittek, Eric T. Psota, Lance C. Pérez, Ty Schmidt, Benny Mote
Locomotion Traits of Dairy Cows from Overhead Three-Dimensional Video
K. Abdul Jabbar, M. F. Hansen, M. L. Smith, and L. N. Smith
Rodents and Other Animals
Multiple Mice Tracking and Segmentation through SIFT Flow Analysis
Ario Sadafi, Vasiliki-Maria Katsageorgiou, Huiping Huang, Francesco Papaleo, Vittorio Murino, Diego Sona
Clustering-based Active Learning in Unbalanced Rodent Behavior Data
Malte Lorbach, Ronald Poppe, Elsbeth A. van Dam, Lucas P.J.J. Noldus and Remco C. Veltkamp
Automated Mouse Behavior Recognition using LSTM
Gregory Kramida, Nikolas Alejandro Francis, Chethan Mysore Parameshwara, Cornelia Fermüller, Patrick Kanold, Yiannis Aloimonos
Biometric Patterns on Long-Evans Rats for Automatic Behavior Analysis
Nils Napp, Yifang Liu, Maira Saboia Da Silva, Kelcie Schatz, Matthew Paul
Automated 3D Reconstruction of Moving Rigid Specimen from RGB-D Video Input
Erika Harrison, Faramarz Samavati, Jeffrey Boyd
Behavior Analysis of Ants from Video Sequences
Alejandro Cartas, Maedeh Aghaei, Christoph Grüter, Francis L. W. Ratnieks, Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
2D Tracking the Nuptial Dance of Platynereis Dumerilii Worms
Daniel Pucher, Carmine Sansone, Nicole M. Artner, Walter G. Kropatsch
Sensor Study for Monitoring Varroa Mites on Honey Bees (Apis mellifera)
Stefan Schurischuster, Sebastian Zambanini, Martin Kampel, Benjamin Lamp
Daphnia magna as biosensor for Ag-nanoparticles in water systems
Jan Kunze, Sarah Hartmann, Klaudia Witte, Klaus-Dieter Kuhnert
Visual Analysis of Zebrafish Behavior
Tobias Palmér, Kalle Åström, Olof Enqvist, Per Petersson
Where is my mate? - Real-time 3-D fish tracking for interactive mate-choice experiments
Klaus Müller, Stefanie Gierszewski, Klaudia Witte, Klaus-Dieter Kuhnert
Identifying Individual Clown Fish
Xiao Liu, Robert B. Fisher

Journal Special Issue

Researchers interested in the topics of this workshop might also be interested in submitting a paper to the IET Computer Vision special issue on Computer Vision for Animal Biometrics, with a submission deadline of Jan 31, 2017.

Submission Information

Submit a 4 page extended abstract in English, in PDF, by email to by August 15, 2016. The extended abstracts (PDF) should be anonymous. Include in your email the name(s) of the author(s), institutional affiliation, complete mailing address, international phone and fax numbers. The papers presented at the workshop will be published in the workshop notes, for distribution to the participants and linked to this page after the workshop.

Important Dates

Submission DeadlineAugust 15, 2016
Acceptance NotificationSeptember 15, 2016
Revised Abstract DeadlineOctober 15, 2016
WorkshopDecember 4, 2016

Workshop Organisers

R. Fisher (Chair)University of Edinburgh
D. ArmstrongUniversity of Edinburgh
J. HallamUniversity of South Denmark
C. SpampinatoUniversita' di Catania

Program Committee

M. BetkeBoston University
B. BoomCyclomedia
A. Branzan Albu University of Victoria
P. DickinsonUniversity of Lincoln
A. FrenchNottingham University
A. GabdulkhakovaVienna University of Technology
X. JiangUniversiteit Muenster
Y. KitaJapanese Nat. Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
M. ManganUniversity of Lincoln
S. MatthewsNewcastle University
M. MirmehdiUniversity of Bristol
M. NilssonLunds Tekniska Högskola
M. OskarssonLunds Tekniska Högskola
S. RavelaMassachusetts Inst of Technology
B. RisseUniversity of Edinburgh
R. SillitoActual Analytics
Y. TzimiropoulosNottingham University
Y. XiaoUniversity of West England


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