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I am an Associate Professor/Reader in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. I am also co-founder and co-CEO of Net AI, a university spin-out whose mission is to put mobile network management in the cloud and on autopilot.

I lead the Mobile Intelligence Lab and the Informatics Internet of Things research programme. I am a member of the Institute for Computing Systems Architecture (ICSA) and I am also affiliated to the Security & Privacy group.

Before joining Edinburgh, I was a research fellow at the Hamilton Institute of the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. Between 2007–2011 I was a research assistant at IMDEA Networks (Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Networks). I held visiting research positions at the University of Brescia (2017, 2015), Northeastern University (2016), Technical University Darmstadt (2016), and Rice University (2010).

I hold a Ph.D. and an M.Sc. in Telematics Engineering from University Carlos III of Madrid, and a Dipl.Eng. degree from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

My research seeks to bridge the gap between fundamental mathematical models and real-world applications of networked systems. I focus on problems related to artificial intelligence in mobile networks, traffic analytics, performance optimisation, security and privacy, prototyping and test beds.



28 September, 2020 – Speaking at the AI UK | Smart Cities event organised by The Alan Turing Institute.

21 September, 2020 – Video presentations of our Microscope work presented at ACM MobiCom 2020 are available on YouTube in short (5-min) and long (20-min) formats.

24 August, 2020 – Work with the CoronaSurveys team on estimating the incidence of COVID-19 cases via open surveys was presented at the KDD Humanitarian Mapping Workshop.

19 August, 2020 – Our work "Tiki-Taka: Attacking and Defending Deep Learning-based Intrusion Detection Systems" was accepted at CCSW 2020.

10 August, 2020 – Our work "Microscope: Mobile Service Traffic Decomposition for Network Slicing as a Service" was accepted at MobiCom 2020.

15 May, 2020 – Presented a NGN Webinar about our recent work on Bluetooth de-anonymisation.

5 May, 2020 – Honoured to have been nominated "Supervisor of the Year" in the EUSA Teaching Awards 2020.

17 April, 2020 – Spoke with Wired UK about the limitations of using Bluetooth for contact-tracing.

7 April, 2020 – Work with colleagues at the IMDEA Networks Institute on building a Machine Learning-based Framework for Optimizing the Operation of Future Networks was accepted for publication in the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for Communications Series of the IEEE Communications Magazine.

27 March, 2020 – My student Chaoyun Zhang has successfully defended his PhD viva.

25 March, 2020 – Virtual seminar at Samsung AI Cambridge.

24 March, 2020 – Our work on de-anonymising Bluetooth Classic devices has been accepted at IEEE S&P 2020.

1st Workshop on Distributed Machine Learning

Together with colleagues at Samsung AI Center Cambridge, we are organising the first Workshop on Distributed ML, co-located with ACM CoNEXT 2020. Submission deadline: 11 Sept. 2020.

Special Issues on "AI in Mobile Networks"

The deadline for submitting original contributions to the MDPI Applied Science's Special Issues on "AI in Mobile Networks", which I am guest editing with Marco Fiore, has been extended to 31 Aug 30 Oct 2020.

Coverage in the


Deep learning in mobile networks

Our survey of deep learning in mobile and wireless networks has been picked up by Chinese media and was covered in The Heart of the Machine, Tencent, NetEase, SINA, and


Smart-home security

Our security and privacy investigation of the Belkin WeMo ecosystem featured in The National, The Herald,,, ECN Mag,,, The Edinburgh Reporter, Edinburgh Live, Scottish Construction Now, Scottish Housing News. Forth Radio also ran a short interview with me about this work.

Wearable IoT security

Our research on the vulnerabilities of fitness trackers featured in The Times, The Telegraph, International Business Times, Huffington Post, New York Post, The Scotsman, STV News, Yorkshire Post, The Northern Echo, Channel News, Market Watch, SC Magazine, The Inquirer, CORDIS News, Homeland Security News Wire, China Press, Xinhua News, China Industrial Control Network, Shenzhen News Network, Photoelectric News Network, Hong Kong News, Indo-Asian News Service, The Economic Times, The Hindu, Businessworld India, The New Indian Express, The Pioneer,, HackRead, Techworm, V3,, Gears of Biz, Infosecurity Magazine, Third Age,, ECN Mag, Digtial Journal, Gadgets & Wearables, DIGIT, EurekAlert!

The BBC Radio 4 Extra's Newsjack show mentioned us in their satire on fitness tracking (season 17, episode 2).

I also gave an interview about our research to BBC Radio Scotland for the Newsdrive show (12/04/2019).



C. Zhang, X. Costa-Perez, and P. Patras, "Tiki-Taka: Attacking and Defending Deep Learning-based Intrusion Detection Systems", ACM CCSW 2020.

C. Zhang, M. Fiore, C. Ziemlicki, and P. Patras, "Microscope: Mobile Service Traffic Decomposition for Network Slicing as a Service", ACM MobiCom 2020.

O. Ojo, A. Garcia-Agundez, B. Girault, H. Hernandez, E. Cabana, A. Garcia, P. Arabshahi, C. Baquero, P. Casari, E. J. Ferreira, D. Frey, C. Georgiou, M. Goessens, A. Ishchenko, I. Sikorsky, E. Jimenez, O. Kebkal, R. Lillo, R. Menezes, N. Nicolaou, A. Ortega, P. Patras, J. C. Roberts, E. Stavrakis, Y. Tanaka, and A. Fernandez Anta, "CoronaSurveys: Using Surveys with Indirect Reporting to Estimate the Incidence and Evolution of Epidemics", KDD Humanitarian Mapping Workshop 2020.

M. Cominelli, P. Patras, and F. Gringoli, "One GPU to Snoop Them All: a Full-Band Bluetooth Low Energy Sniffer," IEEE MedComNet 2020.

C. Fiandrino, C. Zhang, P. Patras, A. Banchs, and J. Widmer, "A Machine Learning-based Framework for Optimizing the Operation of Future Networks," in IEEE Communications Magazine (Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for Communications Series), vol. 58, no. 6, June 2020.

M. Cominelli, F. Gringoli, M. Lind, P. Patras and G. Noubir, "Even Black Cats Cannot Stay Hidden in the Dark: Full-band De-anonymization of Bluetooth Classic Devices," IEEE S&P 2020.

I am currently involved with the following


WiNTECH 2020 - ACM Workshop on Wireless Network Testbeds, Experimental evaluation & CHaracterization (21 September 2020, virtual event)

Distributed ML 2020 - The 1st Workshop on Distributed Machine Learning, co-located with ACM CoNEXT 2020 (1 Dec 2020, virtual event)

CCNC 2021 - The IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (9-12 January 2021, Las Vegas, USA).

HotMobile 2021 - The 22nd International Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (24-26 February 2021, virtual event).

IEEE WCNC 2021 - The IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (29 March - 1 April 2021, Nanjing, China).

EuroSys 2021 - The European Conference on Computer Systems (25-28 April 2021, Edinburgh, UK).

WoWMoM 2021 - the 22nd IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (7-11 June 20201, Pisa, Italy).

ISWCS 2021 - The 17th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (6-9 September 2021, Berlin, Germany).

MobiCom 2021 - The 27th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (25-29 October 2021, New Orleans, USA).



Alec Diallo (PhD student, 2019–2023)

Alec is harnessing Artificial Intelligence to build automatic network threat detection and counteraction mechanisms. He is supported by arm.

Yini Fang (PhD student, 2019–2022)

Yini is investigating mobile traffic analysis problems by applying a range of machine learning techniques, including reinforcement learning. She is supported by Cisco.

Haoyu Liu (PhD student, 2019–2023)

Haoyu's research focuses on developing machine learning tools for Internet of Things (IoT) and Network Security. He is supported by arm and CENSIS.

Prospective Students

Students interested in undertaking a PhD under my supervision may find this advice helpful.

Previous Students

Chaoyun Zhang (PhD), The University of Edinburgh, 2020

Rui Li (PhD), The University of Edinburgh, 2019. (now at Samsung AI Centre Cambridge)


Stephen Waddell, University of Edinburgh, June–Aug 2019.
Marco Cominelli, University of Brescia, July–Dec. 2018
Adela Rotar, University of Edinburgh, May–July 2018.
Haoyu Liu, University of Edinburgh, June–Sept. 2018.
Ayush Bhardwaj, IIT Roorkee, June–Aug. 2018.
Daniel Licciardello, University of Catania, Mar. 2016–May 2016.
Chiara Capretti, University of Brescia, Sept. 2015–Dec. 2015.
Nicolo Facchi, University of Brescia, Sept. 2014–Feb. 2015.

I am/have been teaching the following


Internet of Things Systems, Security, and the Cloud (IoTSSC, 2018–now)

The course gives students theoretical and practical grounding in IoT, covering systems architecture, hardware platforms, embedded programming and debugging, networking paradigms for IoT, secure operation, cloud integration, and simple data analytics.

Computing in the Classroom (CiC, 2019–20)

The course offers an in-depth, sustained experience in the classroom to fourth-year students contemplating a career in education.

Computer Science Large Practical (CSLP, 2014–16)

The course exposed students to the problems that arise with the design and implementation of large scale computer systems, and to methods of coping with such problems.

Undergraduate Research Practical (URP, 2015)

This course allowed undergraduate students to participate in a research project in collaboration with a member of staff or a research group.

Computer & Communications Networks (CCN, 2013)

This course introduced the principles of computer networking using a top down approach, from the application layer and working down toward the physical layer (delivered at Maynooth University).

Network Infrastructure (NI, 2008–09)

This course covered advanced concepts, principles and theory related to network-centred computing (delivered at University Carlos III of Madrid).



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