M. Pilu, A. Fitzgibbon, R.Fisher

Ellipse-specific Direct least-square Fitting

IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Lausanne, September 1996.


This work presents the first direct method for specifically fitting ellipses in the least squares sense. Previous approaches used either generic conic fitting or relied on iterative methods to recover elliptic solutions. The proposed method is (i) ellipse-specific, (ii) directly solved by a generalised eigen-system, (iii) has a desirable low-eccentricity bias, and (iv) is robust to noise. We provide a theoretical demonstration, several examples and the Matlab coding of the algorithm.

Note : For reasons of space, in the publication the literature review, the experiments and discussion have been considerably shortened. Refer to DAI Research Paper #794 for further information.

PS: The latex2html translation of the document has been a bit dodgy.

Maurizio Pilu
Wed Jul 17 18:33:56 BST 1996