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  • Magdy W., K. Darwish, A. Rahimi, N. Abukhodair, T. Baldwin. #ISISisNotIslam or #DeportAllMuslims? Predicting Unspoken Views. Web Science 2016 link, In Media

  • Magdy W., T. Elsayed, and M. Hasanain. On the Evalaution of Tweet Timeline Generation Task. ECIR 2016 link

  • Magdy W. and T. Elsayed. Unsupervised Adaptive Microblog Filtering for Broad Dynamic Topics. IP&M 2016 link

  • Magdy W., K. Darwish, and I. Weber. #FailedRevolutions: Using Twitter to Study the Antecedents of ISIS Support. First Monday. link, arXiv, In Media

  • Nakov P., L. Marquez, A. Moschitti, W. Magdy, H. Mubarak, A. Friehat, J. Glass, and B. Randeree. SemEval-2016 Task 3: Community Question Answering. SemEval 2016 - NAACL link



  • Borge-Holthoefer J., W. Magdy, K. Darwish, and I. Weber. Content and Network Dynamics Behind Egyptian Political Polarization on Twitter. CSCW 2015 arXiv, ACM

  • Magdy W., H. Sajjad, T. El-Ganainy and F. Sebastiani. Distant Supervision for Tweet Classification using YouTube Labels. ICWSM 2015 link

  • Magdy W., H. Sajjad, T. El-Ganainy and F. Sebastiani. Bridging Social Media via Distant Supervision. Springer SNAM 2015 link, arXiv

  • Marquez L., J. Glass, W. Magdy, A. Moschitti, P. Nakov, and B. Randeree. SemEval-2015 Task 3: Answer Selection in Community Question Answering. SemEval 2015 - ACL link

  • M. Nicosia, S. Filice, A. Barron-Cedeno, I. Saleh, H. Mubarak, W. Gao, P. Nakov, G. Da San Martino, A. Moschitti, K. Darwish, L. Marquz, S. Joty, and W. Magdy. QCRI: Answer Selection for Community Question Answering - Experiment for Arabic and English. SemEval 2015 - ACL link

  • Hasanain M., T. Elsayed, and W. Magdy. Improving Tweet Timeline Generation by Predicting Optimal Retrieval Depth. AIRS 2015 (best Paper Award) link1, link2

  • Ali A., W. Magdy, and S. Renals. Multi-Reference Evaluation for Dialectal Speech Recognition System: A Study for Egyptian ASR. ArabicNLP - ACL 2015 link

  • Ali A., W. Magdy, and S. Renals. Multi-Reference WER for Evaluating ASR for Language with No Orthographic Rules. ASRU 2015 link

  • Magdy W., K. Darwish, and I. Weber. "I like ISIS, but I want to watch Chris Nolan's new movie": Exploring ISIS Supporters on Twitter. Hypertext 2015 link



  • Magdy W. and T. Elsayed. Adaptive Method for Following Dynamic Topics on Twitter. ICWSM 2014 link

  • Hasanain M., T. Elsayed, and W. Magdy. Identification of Answer-Seeking Questions in Arabic Microblogs. CIKM 2014 link

  • Elsawy E., M. Mokhtar, and W. Magdy. TweetMogaz v2: Identifying News Stories in Social Media. CIKM 2014 link

  • Magdy W., W. Gao, T. El-Ganainy, and Z. Wei. QCRI at TREC 2014: Applying the KISS principle for the TTG task in the Microblog Track. TREC 2014 (ranked 2nd / 13 groups in the TTG task)  link

  • El-Ganainy T., W. Magdy, and A. Rafea. Hyperlink-Extended Pseudo Relevance Feedback for Improved Microblog Retrieval. SoMeRA - SIGIR 2014 link

  • Wei Z., W. Gao, T. El-Ganainy, W. Magdy, K-F. Wong. Ranking Model Selection and Fusion for Effective Microblog. SoMeRA - SIGIR 2014 link

  • Darwish, K. and W. Magdy. Arabic Information Retrieval. Foundations and Trends in Information Retrieval 7, 4 (Feb. 2014), 239-342  link



  • Magdy W. and G. J. F. Jones. Studying Machine Translation Technologies for Large-Data CLIR Tasks: A Patent Prior-Art Search Case Study. Springer, Information Retrieval, 2013  link

  • El-Ganainy T., Z. Wei, W. Magdy, W. Gao: QCRI at TREC 2013 Microblog Track. TREC 2013 (ranked 2nd / 20 groups)  link

  • A. Ali, W. Magdy, and S.Vogel. A Tool for Monitoring and Analyzing HealthCare Tweets. HSD workshop, SIGIR 2013  link1, link2

  • Magdy W. TweetMogaz: A News Portal of Tweets. SIGIR 2013  link

  • A. Kothari, W.Magdy, K. Darwish, A. Mourad, and A. Taei. Detecting Comments on News Articles in Microblogs. ICWSM 2013 (best dataset award)  link



  • Eskevich M., W. Magdy, and G. J. F. Jones. New Metrics for Meaningful Evaluation of Informally Structured Speech Retrieval. ECIR 2012  link

  • Saad El-Din A., W. Magdy. Web-based Pseudo Relevance Feedback for Microblog Retrieval. TREC 2012  link

  • Magdy W. and A. Ali, and K. Darwish. A Summarization Tool for Time-Sensitive Social Media. CIKM 2012  link

  • K. Darwish, W.Magdy and A. Mourad. Language Processing for Arabic Microblog Retrieval. CIKM 2012  link

  • Piroi F., M. Lupu, A. Hanbury, W. Magdy, A. P. Sexton, I. Filippov. CLEF-IP 2012: Retrieval Experiments in the Intellectual Property Domain. CLEF 2012  link1, link2



  • Magdy W. and G. J. F. Jones. A Study on Query Expansion Methods for Patent Retrieval. PAIR 2011 - CIKM 2011  link

  • Magdy W. and G. J. F. Jones. An Efficient Method for Using Machine Translation Technologies in Cross-Language Patent Search. CIKM 2011  link

  • Ganguly D., J. Leveling, W. Magdy, and G. J. F. Jones. Patent Query Reduction based on Pseudo-Relevant Documents. CIKM 2011  link

  • Leveling J., W. Magdy, and G. J. F. Jones. An Investigation of Decompounding for Cross-Language Patent Search. SIGIR 2011  link

  • Magdy W., P. Lopez, and G. J. F. Jones. Simple vs. Sophisticated Approaches for Patent Prior-Art Search. ECIR 2011  link

  • Magdy W. and G. J. F. Jones. Should MT Systems be Used as Black Boxes in CLIR?. ECIR 2011  link



  • Magdy W. and K. Darwish. Omni Font OCR Error Correction with Effect on Retrieval. ISDA 2010  link

  • Magdy W. and G. J. F. Jones. Examining the Robustness of Evaluation Metrics for Patent Retrieval with Incomplete Relevance Judgements. CLEF 2010  link

  • Magdy W. and G. J. F. Jones. Applying the KISS Principle for the CLEF- IP 2010 Prior Art Candidate Patent Search Task. CLEF 2010 Working Notes  link

  • Leveling J., M. R. Ghorab, W. Magdy, G. J. F. Jones, and V. Wade. DCU-TCD@LogCLEF 2010: Re-ranking Document Collections and Query Performance Estimation. CLEF 2010 Working Notes  link

  • Magdy W. and G. J. F. Jones. PRES: A Score Metric for Evaluating Recall-Oriented Information Retrieval Applications. SIGIR 2010   link

  • Magdy W., J. Min, J. Leveling, and G. J. F. Jones. Building a Domain-Specific Document Collection for Evaluating Metadata Effect on Information Retrieval. LREC 2010  link

  • Magdy W. and G. J. F. Jones. A New Metric for Patent Retrieval Evaluation. AsPIRe'10 - ECIR 2010  link



  • Magdy W., J. Leveling, and G. J. F. Jones. Exploring Structured Documents and Query Formulation Techniques for Patent Retrieval.CLEF 2009  link

  • Magdy W., J. Leveling, and G. J. F. Jones. DCU @ CLEF-IP 2009: Exploring Standard IR Techniques on Patent Retrieval. CLEF 2009 Working Notes  link

  • Magdy W. , K. Darwish, and M. El-Saban. Efficient Language-Independent Retrieval of Printed Documents without OCR. SPIRE 2009 link



  • Magdy W. and K. Darwish. Book Search: Indexing the Valuable Parts. BooksOnline'08 workshop - CIKM 2008 link1, link2

  • Magdy W. and K. Darwish. Effect of OCR Error Correction on Arabic Retrieval. Springer, Information Retrieval, 2008    link1,link2



  • Magdy W. and K. Darwish. CMIC at INEX 2007. INEX, 2007    link

  • Darwish K. and W. Magdy. Error Correction vs. Query Garbling for Arabic OCR Document Retrieval. ACM TOIS, volume 26, 2007    link

  • Magdy W., K. Darwish, and M. Rashwan. Fusion of Multiple Corrupted Transmissions and its effect on Information Retrieval. ESOLE 2007    link

  • Magdy W., K. Darwish, O. Emam, and H. Hassan. Arabic Cross-Document Person Name Normalization. Semitic Languages workshop - ACL 2007, Prague    link



  • Magdy W. and K. Darwish. Word-Based Correction for Retrieval of Arabic OCR Degraded Documents. SPIRE 2006    link

  • Magdy W. and K. Darwish. Arabic OCR Error Correction Using Character Segment Correction, Language Modeling, and Shallow Morphology. EMNLP 2006    link

  • Abdelsapor A., N. Adly, K. Darwish, O. Emam, W. Magdy, and M. Nagi. Building a Heterogeneous Information Retrieval Collection of Printed Arabic Documents. LREC 2006    link



  • Masters Degree Thesis: "Statistical Methods for Error in Text Correction"    link

  • PhD Thesis: "Toward Higher Effectiveness for Recall-Oriented Information Retrieval: A Patent Retrieval Case Study"    link
    Supervisor: Prof. Gareth Jones
    Examiners: Prof. Alan Smeaton (Dublin City University) and Dr. Barrou Diallo (European Patent Office)



  • Cram L., R. Hill, C. Llewellyn, and W. Magdy. UK General Election 2017: a Twitter Analysis. 2017. arXiv

  • Magdy W. and K. Darwish. Trump vs. Hillary Analyzing Viral Tweets during US Presidential Elections 2016. 2016. arXiv

  • Magdy W., K. Darwish, N. Abokhodair. Quantifying Public Response towards Islam on Twitter after Paris Attacks. 2015 arXiv

  • Darwish K., W. Magdy. Attitudes towards Refugees in Light of the Paris Attacks. 2015 arXiv







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