Korin Richmond

Centre for Speech Technology Research

Photo Gallery

A random assortment of random photos.

Time in Russia

I've been to Russia many times and lived there for a time in the 1990s, in St. Petersburg and Voronezh. I have so many strong memories of Russia, and it's still deeply fascinating to me. I don't usually "do tourism", but these are a couple of shots I took at the Kremlin, which I like for their dark, metaphorical atmosphere.

China visits

I've been to China a few times now for work and visiting family - a truly fascinating place. These snaps are at the Great Wall of China.

Korin Richmond aged 3 years

A customary baby snap (hard at work, aged three!).

Recording torture

This is me during an experiment to record the movements within my mouth as I speak. Those coils are superglued on. There are two more electrodes at my throat (laryngograph) and one in my hand (for electropalatograph).