Thursday, September 22, 2005

Introduction to the Semantic Web
Informatics Colloquium
Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Slides for the talk are now available on the web. Note: to move to the next slide simply click on the screen or press the space bar or use the Page Up key. To view the previous slide use the Page Down key.

Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Director of the World Wide Web Consortium will give an Informatics Colloquium


Looking back briefly at the history of Web development, the the talk will then look at the the future developments of web technology, and specifically the Semantic Web. This is a web of data and logic which will serve as a medium for integration of data between applications and organizations.


17.15 Thursday 22 September 2005,
Lecture Theatre G8, William Robertson Building
The University of Edinburgh
George Square, Edinburgh


Only apply once, please! Sending multiple applications just makes more work and doesn't get you more tickets. Tickets will be sent on Wednesday. Tickets are free; to apply, use the links below - a maximum of two tickets per request, and only one request per person. Please ensure that your application has your email address in the From: or Reply-to: field.
Successful applicants will receive their tickets by email on Wednesday 21st. If clicking these links brings up your email client with a preformed message, check the return address is ok then send it. If not, construct and send your own message. Here are the link URLs split to tell you what to send.
    ?subject=Berners Lee Tickets 1
    &body=I would like to apply for 1 ticket
    ?subject=Berners Lee Tickets 2
    &body=I would like to apply for 2 tickets

The lecture will be recorded, and the video recording will be made available in due course, so those not successful in getting tickets will have another chance to see the lecture.


Anonymous Craig said...

Will the links to the recordings be posted in the Informatics blog or elsewhere?

7/10/05 11:37  

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