Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Teaching Programme Review

TPR is an external, quinquennial review of our undergraduate teaching. We were reviewed on 24th and 25th November.

External review team: Gilles Dowek(Paris), Nigel Shadbolt(Soton), Martyn Thomas(Praxis), Mads Tofte(ITU Denmark)

The reviewers gave immediate informal feedback:

  • Commended the quality of:
    • Informatics Teaching Organisation,
    • Undergraduate Programme,
    • Staff,
    • Teaching Assistants,
    • Tutors,
    • Students
    • Appleton Tower Teaching Environment
    • Sense of Community
  • Recommended:
    • We develop a 2 year Bologna-style MInf
    • We deliver our pre-honours Mathematics teaching in-house.
    • We review our academic line-management structure.

The formal report is expected early next year,

Many thanks to the reviewers for their time, effort and advice.

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