Friday, June 26, 2009

Phil Wadler — SIGPLAN Chair

Congratulations to "Phil Wadler on his election as Chair of SIGPLAN 2009-2012

Phil says, "Programming languages stand poised to take centre stage, as the web and multicores push distributed and concurrent computing to the forefront."

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vincent Danos

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Vincent Danos to a Chair in Computational Systems Biology.

Vincent has pursued various lines of research during his career, from mathematical logic and the semantics of programming languages, to probabilistic and agent-based models, and comes to us from a position as Directeur de Recherches at the CNRS. He has spent the past year visiting the Harvard Medical School, and working in a start-up company trying to bring agent based techniques to bear on the representation of cellular signalling networks.

At Edinburgh he plans to lead the development of an efficient bottom-up simulation platform for cellular signalling, that will enable the rapid generation of cellular insight—including causal information—without requiring significant modeling or quantitative capability from the user.

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