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Most of the publications below can also be found referenced on my DBLP and Google Scholar pages.

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PhD Thesis

My PhD thesis entitled Enhancing the Nuprl Proof Development System and Applying it to Computational Abstract Algebra is available. pdf.

It has also been issued as Cornell University Computer Science Technical Report TR95-1509 which is available from the Cornell University Library Technical Reports and Papers archive.

Hypertext listings for most of the theories I developed for my thesis are available. The listings for each theory include introductions, summaries of definitions and theorems, and formatted proofs. Hypertext listings for the polynomial-related theories are not currently available, but plain PDF listings are:

Class definitions for free abelian monoid, monoid copower, free monoid algebra and polynomial algebra. Without proofs. With proofs.
Implementation of free abelian monoid using a-lists. Without proofs. With proofs.
Implementation of free monoid algebra using a-lists. Without proofs. With proofs.
Combination of implementations from polynom_2 and polynom_3 to form polynomial algebra. Without proofs. With proofs.

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