Visual observation and analysis of Vertebrate And Insect Behavior 2018

A one day workshop to be held in conjunction with the

24th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2018)
Beijing, China
August 20, 2018

There has been an enormous amount of research on analysis of video data of humans, but relatively little on visual analysis of other organisms. The goal of this workshop is to stimulate and bring together the current research in this area, and provide a forum for researchers to share expertise. As we want to make this more of a discussion workshop, we encourage work-in-progress presentations. Reviewing will be lightweight and only abstracts will be circulated to attendees.

Previous versions of VAIB are here: 2008 (Tampa), 2010 (Istanbul), 2012 (Tsukuba), 2014 (Stockholm), 2016 (Cancun),

The issues that the research will address include:

These problems can be applied to a variety of species at different sizes, such as fruit and house flies, crickets, cockroaches and other insects, farmed and wild fish, mice and rats, commercial farm animals such as poultry, cows and horses, and wildlife monitoring, etc. One aspect that they all have in common is video data.


The following papers were presented:

  1. F. Naiser, M. Šmíd, J. Matas; Tracking and Re-Identification System for Multiple Laboratory Animals.
  2. O. Mothes, J. Denzler; Multi-view Anatomical Animal Landmark Localization using Deep Feature Regression.
  3. A. Gostler, N. M. Artner, W. G. Kropatsch, L. Fusani; Tracking Golden-Collared Manakins in the Wild.
  4. M. C. Bakkay, S. Chambon, H. A. Rashwan, C. Lubat, S. Barsotti; Support Vector Machine (SVM) Recognition Approach adapted to Individual and Touching Moths Counting in Trap Images.
  5. L. N. Govindarajan, T. Sharma, R. Colwill, T. Serre; Neural Computing on a Raspberry Pi: Applications to Zebrafish Behavior Monitoring.
  6. I. F. Rodriguez, R. Mégret, R. Egnor, K. Branson, J. L. Agosto, T. Giray, E. Acuña; Multiple Animal Tracking in Video Using Part Affinity Fields.

Important Dates

Submission DeadlineApril 15, 2018
Acceptance NotificationJune 1, 2018
Revised Abstract DeadlineJuly 1, 2018
WorkshopAugust 20, 2018

Workshop Organizers

R. Fisher (Chair)University of Edinburgh
J. HallamUniversity of South Denmark
S. PalazzoUniversita' di Catania

Program Committee

M. BetkeBoston University
B. BoomCyclomedia
A. Branzan Albu University of Victoria
T. BurghardtUniversity of Bristol
A. Cartas AyalaUniversitat de Barcelona
J. DenzlerUniversitat Jena
P. DickinsonUniversity of Lincoln
A. FrenchNottingham University
A. GabdulkhakovaVienna University of Technology
A. HoogsKitware
X. JiangUniversiteit Muenster
M. KampelTechnical University of Vienna
Y. KitaJapanese Nat. Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
M. ManganUniversity of Lincoln
S. MatthewsNewcastle University
R. MegretUniversity of Puerto Rico
M. MirmehdiUniversity of Bristol
N. Napp State University of New York at Buffalo
M. OskarssonLunds Tekniska Högskola
R. PoppeUniversiteit Utrecht
E. PsotaUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln
B. RisseUniversität Münster
R. SillitoActual Analytics
C. SpampinatoUniversita' di Catania
Y. XiaoUniversity of West England


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