Selected Publications:

  • Claude Vivier: a Composer's Life, (Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press, 2014).
  • In progress: François-Bernard Mâche, In Search of Universals in Music (translation from the French Musique au singulier by Bob Gilmore), under contract to Ashgate, expected completion 2014.
  • The ear of the voice of the eye: Yannis Kyriakides, composer (Tilburg: teleXpress, 2011), 96pp: ISBN 978-90-76937-39-7. Commissioned by the festival November Music, The Netherlands: bilingual book with Dutch translation by Moze Jacobs. Download here.
  • As editor: Ben Johnston, Maximum Clarity and other writings on music, edited with an Introduction and Chronology by Bob Gilmore (Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2006).
  • Harry Partch: a biography (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1998).

Some articles:

articles on microtonal and spectral music:

  • “Im Meer der Schwingungen: Der rumänische Komponist Horatiu Radulescu’, in MusikTexte 137 (May 2013), 26-40. Translation by Monika Lichtenfeld of the articles ‘Remembering Horatiu’ and ‘Wild Ocean’.
  • “Phill Niblock: The Orchestra Pieces”, in Tempo vol.66 (July 2012), 2-11.
  • “Phill Niblock: Von Klang durchtränkt”, in MusikTexte 132 (February 2012), 29-35. Translated by Gisela Gronemeyer. (Article on Phill Niblock’s orchestra pieces: for English version see above).
  • “Spectral techniques in Horatiu Radulescu’s Second Piano Sonata ‘being and non-being create each other’ op.82”, in Tempo vol. 64 (April 2010), 66-78.
  • An interview with Clarence Barlow”, Paris Transatlantic Magazine (Yule 2009).
  • “James Tenney and the poetics of homage”, Contemporary Music Review vol.27 no.1 (February 2008), 7-21.
  • An interview with Phill Niblock”, Paris Transatlantic Magazine , April 2007 (with Guy de Bièvre).
  • “On Claude Vivier’s Lonely Child”, Tempo 61 (239) (January 2007), 2-17.
  • An interview with Anne La Berge”, Paris Transatlantic Magazine, November 2005.
  • Microtonality: my part in its downfall”, keynote lecture given at UK Microfest 1, October 15 2005.
  • “The Climate Since Harry Partch,” in Contemporary Music Review vol.22 parts 1+2 (2003), 15-34.
  • “ ‘Wild Ocean’: an interview with Horatiu Radulescu,” in Contemporary Music Review vol.22 parts 1+2 (2003), 105-122.
  • “Butterfly effect: the music of Frank Denyer,” in The Musical Times (spring 2003), 27-31.
  • “Harry Partch,” in Larry Sitsky, ed., Music of the Twentieth-Century Avant-Garde: a biocritical sourcebook (Westport and London: Greenwood Press, 2002), 365-72.
  • “Changing the metaphor: ratio models of musical pitch in the work of Harry Partch, Ben Johnston, and James Tenney”, Perspectives of New Music vol. 33 nos.1-2 (winter-summer 1995), 458-503.
  • ““A Soul Tormented”: Alwin Nikolais and Harry Partch’s The Bewitched”, The Musical Quarterly vol.79 no.1 (spring 1995), 80-107.
  • “On Harry Partch’s Seventeen Lyrics by Li Po”, Perspectives of New Music vol.30 no.2 (summer 1992), 22-58.
  • Harry Partch: the early vocal works 1930-33, PhD thesis, Queen’s University, Belfast, 1992.

articles on the new music scene in Ireland:

Most of these were written for The Journal of Music and its predecessor, The Journal of Music in Ireland.

miscellaneous biographical and critical articles:

  • ‘Five Maps of the Experimental World’, forthcoming in a Sourcebook from the Orpheus Research Centre in Music, Ghent, Belgium, ed. Darla Crispin.
  • ‘Dr Fox’s Commas’, chapter on the music of Christopher Fox in a monograph on his work edited by Rose Dodd; forthcoming from Ashgate.
  • “Difficult Listening Hour”, in The Journal of Music (March 2012) [online].
  • An interview with Frederic Rzewski”. Paris Transatlantic Magazine (Yule 2011).
  • An interview with Richard Barrett”. Paris Transatlantic Magazine (Hallowe'en 2009).
  • “Remembering Horatiu”, The Journal of Music, vol. 1, no. 4, (October-November 2009), 46-49.
  • “Claude Vivier and Karlheinz Stockhausen: moments from a double portrait”, Circuit, vol.19 no.2 (2009), 35-49. (Nominated for the Prix Opus in Montreal in the category Article of the Year.)
  • “The music of Alwin Nikolais: a provisional study”, in Claudia Gitelman and Randy Martin, co-editors, The Returns of Alwin Nikolais: Bodies, Boundaries and the Dance Canon (Wesleyan University Press, 2007), 132-153.
  • “Radulescu’s Cinerum in Dübendorf”, in Tempo vol.59 (July 2005), 52-54.
  • “Dane Rudhyar,” in Larry Sitsky, ed., Music of the Twentieth-Century Avant-Garde: a biocritical sourcebook (Westport and London: Greenwood Press, 2002), 404-08.
  • “Claude Debussy and Daniel Chennevière: ‘un coup d’oeil trop rapide’,” in Cahiers Debussy 25 (2001), 65-81.
Liner notes for CDs:
  • Brazil ’84. DVD of video and music by Phill Niblock. Mode Records, NY, September 2014.
  • Ruminations, music by Ben Johnston. MicroFest Records, Los Angeles, March 2014.
  • Natural Science, music by Christopher Fox, Trio Scordatura with Scott Mc Laughlin; Métier/Divine Art, December 2011.
  • Harry Partch: Bitter Music, John Schneider. Bridge Records, New York, December 2011.
  • nearly – fast, chamber music by Harald Muenz, ensemble mosaik; Coviello Contemporary, Germany, October 2011.
  • My Broken Machines, chamber music by Ed Bennett; NMC Records, London, June 2011.
  • Grá agus Bás, music by Donnacha Dennehy; Nonesuch Records, New York, May 2011.
  • Speak, music by Anne LaBerge; New World Records, New York, May 2011.
  • Ben Johnston: String Quartets nos 1, 5 and 10, Kepler Quartet; New World Records, New York, January 2011.
  • The World's Longest Melody, music by Larry Polansky, Zwerm Guitar Quartet; New World Records, New York, July 2010.
  • Antichamber, music by Yannis Kyriakides; unsounds, Amsterdam, January 2010.
  • Waves, music by Peter Adriaansz, Ensemble Klang; Ensemble Klang Records, January 2010.
  • Spectrum 1-8 by James Tenney, The Barton Workshop; New World Records, New York, October 2009.
  • Touch Strings, music by Phill Niblock; Touch Records, London, October 2009.
  • Frank Denyer: Silenced Voices, The Barton Workshop, Elisabeth Smalt; Mode Records, New York, March 2008.
  • Contemporary Music from Ireland vol.7, CMC, Dublin, February 2008.
  • Bulb, piano trios by Donnacha Dennehy, Ed Bennett, Deirdre Gribbin and Kevin Volans, Fidelio Trio, NMC, London, January 2008.
  • Frank Denyer: music for shakuhachi, Yoshikazu Iwamoto, shakuhachi; Another Timbre, London, October 2007
  • Elastic Harmonic: music by Donnacha Dennehy, various artists, NMC, London, June 2007
  • Philip Glass: Music with Changing Parts, Icebreaker, Orange Mountain Music, New York, April 2007
  • Intimate Rituals, viola works by Horatiu Radulescu, Vincent Royer, viola; Sub Rosa, Belgium, November 2006
  • Tools, music by Ned McGowan, Karnatic Lab Records, Amsterdam, May 2006
  • The Refined Ear, works for solo violin by Sciarrino, Stahnke and Haas, Barbara Lüneburg, violin; Corvietto Classics, Germany, May 2006
  • Ben Johnston: String Quartets nos 2, 3, 4 and 9, Kepler Quartet, New World Records, New York, January 2006 (download)
  • Faint Traces, music by Frank Denyer, Mode Records, New York (October 2005)
  • Piano Sonatas nos. 2, 3 and 4 by Horatiu Radulescu, Ortwin Stürmer, piano, CPO (Germany), January 2004
  • U.S. Highball (Harry Partch arr. Ben Johnston), Kronos Quartet with David Barron, Nonesuch, New York, September 2003
  • Paris X: music by Dane Rudhyar and Erik Satie, Richard Cameron-Wolfe, Furious Artisans (New Mexico), September 2003
  • Requiem for Adam, Terry Riley/Kronos Quartet, Nonesuch (New York), October 2001
  • Metrum, Rookery Hill, Tam Tam: music by Diderik Wagenaar, Donemus Composers' Voice (Amsterdam), February 2001
  • Wizards and Wildmen (piano music of Ives, Cowell and Harrison), Anthony de Mare, CRI (New York), April 2000
  • Finding Refuge in the Remains: the music of Frank Denyer, Etcetera (Holland), January 1999
  • The Quest, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra op.90 by Horatiu Radulescu, CPO (Germany), August 1998
  • The Harry Partch Collection vol.1, CRI (New York), November 1997
  • The Harry Partch Collection vol.2, CRI (New York), November 1997
  • The Harry Partch Collection vol.3, CRI (New York), November 1997