Thursday, September 07, 2006

Servers down at Appleton tower, 15-17 Sep

There will be no power to Appleton Tower on 16th September. Informatics areas of the building will be closed on this day.

This will affect all those normally working in Appleton Tower and various servers and services including

  • network infrastructure for Appleton Tower
  • home directories for staff at Appleton Tower
  • home directories for majority of students
  • various web servers, including

Our servers will be shut down on Friday evening 15th and, all being well, brought back up on Sunday morning 17th (many thanks to Neil Brown for offering to do this on a holiday weekend).


Anonymous David Reitter said...

can you let us know which web servers are going to be affected?
i'm particularly interested in


7/9/06 13:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

latest information at:

13/9/06 15:02  

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