Saturday, October 13, 2007

Iain Whiteside: most enterprising student in UK

Congratulations to Iain, currently in third year, just over half-way through the CS&Maths degree. He has been named the UK's most enterprising student.

On his summer placement under the Shell Step programme, with Martin Energy Limited: Flexitricity, Iain wrote a program that is expected to generate a £4.3M revenue stream.


The program will remotely turn off air-conditioning and other non-essential systems during spikes of peak domestic demand. Firms that sign up to use the program—Tesco are the first customer—will be rewarded through cheaper tariffs. The savings are projected to total £4.3M over the next year.

Work experience student brings in £4.3m
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Award for £4.3m work experience student
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Student controls ac with £4.3m energy-saving idea, UK - Oct 11, 2007
Blame it on the work experience kid, UK - Oct 11, 2007

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